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"Sleeping well" is very important for health, and a good mattress can help you have a deep sleep and improve your sleep quality. However, there are many types of mattress brands in Hong Kong, each with its own characteristics. How do you choose the mattress that best suits you? Serta has compiled for you what you must pay attention to when buying a mattress in Hong Kong, and will explain in detail the material, hardness, support and other reference factors of each mattress to help you choose the mattress that best suits you and enjoy a high-quality sleep every night. .

6 key points when choosing a mattress

How to choose a mattress that suits you and improve your sleep quality? Serta has compiled six important criteria for choosing a mattress for you. Remember to pay attention when buying a mattress!

Key points for choosing the right mattress brand 1: Four factors that must be considered before buying a mattress

1. Supporting capacity

Everyone has different needs for mattresses. Users can choose mattresses of different softness and hardness according to their body shape, weight, sleeping posture, and health problems. A mattress with moderate firmness and softness can provide sufficient support for your back, waist and legs, and will not cause you back pain or joint misalignment. The specific selection method is as follows:

Choose the right mattress based on your body type and weight

To test whether a mattress is supportive enough for you, one factor to consider is the weight of the user. Users with a lighter weight can choose a softer mattress; users with a medium weight can choose a mattress with moderate firmness; users with a heavier weight are recommended to choose a mattress with moderate to firm firmness. We recommend that you go to a mattress store to experience it for yourself. During the trial process, you can seek help from a mattress consultant. Put your five fingers between the lumbar spine and the mattress. If you can only put your five fingers into the gap, it means the mattress has sufficient support. If it cannot accommodate five fingers, it means insufficient support.

Choose the right mattress for your sleeping position

Everyone's sleeping position is different, and mattresses of different softness and hardness can provide sufficient support for different sleeping positions. When sleeping on the back, the weight of the body is more even, there are relatively fewer pressure points, and a mattress with moderate softness and hardness is suitable for back sleepers. When sleeping on your side, your shoulders, hips and arms will be directly pressed on the mattress, which can easily cause pain to potential pressure points. A softer mattress can effectively disperse the pressure on various parts of the body and is more suitable for side sleepers.

Choosing the right mattress for low back pain problems

Some studies have found that mattresses with moderate firmness and sufficient support can better relieve low back pain and effectively improve the sleep quality of patients with chronic back pain.

2. Breathability

The inner and surface materials of the mattress will affect the breathability, moisture permeability, heat dissipation, thermal insulation and comfort. In hot summer, if the mattress has poor moisture permeability and heat dissipation, it will make the user uncomfortable while sleeping and affect the quality of sleep. The top material of the mattress can also be made of high-quality cooling fabrics such as Tencel fiber or skin-friendly knitted fabric, which is highly breathable, antibacterial and mite-resistant, keeping the mattress fresh and comfortable at all times, allowing users to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

3. Durability

The design of the mattress surface and inner layer materials will affect the durability of the mattress. If springs are added to the inner layer of the mattress, the service life can be extended to 5-10 years. If the mattress surface is made of hand-stitched materials, the durability The performance and comfort are also relatively higher. In addition, keeping your mattress clean can also increase its durability. For example, after getting up every day, it is recommended to fold and unfold the quilt to allow the mattress surface to ventilate and prevent bacteria from growing.

4. Softness and hardness

A mattress with moderate firmness can effectively improve sleep quality and relieve back pain. A mattress that is too soft will easily cause spinal misalignment and pain due to insufficient support; while a mattress that is too hard will put pressure on certain fulcrums of the body, preventing muscles from relaxing.

Key point 2 when choosing the right mattress brand: How to choose the mattress thickness?

The thickness of Hong Kong mattress brands usually include: 5 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. Thick mattresses will contain more materials, such as springs as the bottom material to increase support, memory foam to regulate body temperature, and natural latex as the top layer to increase comfort. The thicker the mattress, the more material it contains. Although the supporting capacity is sufficient, a mattress that is too thick also means that the breathability of the mattress will be reduced. This thickness of the mattress is not suitable for humid living environments. Conversely, the thinner the mattress, the less supportive it is, so a mattress that is too thin may not be able to support your body well enough. Therefore, we recommend choosing a mattress with moderate thickness

Key point 3 when choosing the right mattress brand: How to choose mattress materials and types?

There are four most common mattress brands and materials in Hong Kong, including springs, memory foam, sponge and hybrid mattresses. In the Consumer Council’s mattress test, two popular mattresses in Hong Kong received focus ——It’s exactly springs and memory foam. What are their characteristics? When buying a mattress, how should you evaluate which material is more suitable for your needs?

1. Spring

Basically, most mattresses are supported by springs, and the most commonly used springs for mattresses on the market include the following two types:

continuous spring

The main structure of the continuous spring is composed of coils of springs made from a refined high-purity steel wire. The steel wires are connected to each other. The advantage is that it can support the weight of the human body and the lateral pressure when turning over, effectively dispersing the pressure and avoiding certain injuries caused by the body. Pressure on the fulcrum causes pain. Continuous springs have stronger support and are more durable than cylindrical springs.

Independent pocket spring

It is made of independently packaged cylindrical springs. The structure is compact and flexible, ensuring that the springs are durable, help fit the body curves, and support the body stably, allowing users to maintain a good posture while sleeping and protect the spine. Furthermore, independent pocket springs can create a large amount of space inside the mattress, effectively maintaining air circulation, ventilation and refreshing inside the mattress, and achieving antibacterial functions.

2. Sponge

Most mattresses on the market use two types of sponges – high-density sponges and low-density sponges. High-density sponges can improve comfort and breathability, while enhancing support and resilience, but they are more expensive; while low-density sponges are more durable. The power and durability are generally lower, but the price is cheaper.

3. Memory foam

Memory foam has intelligent memory and slow rebound properties. It can remember the user's body shape and closely adhere to the spine curve, allowing users to sleep deeper and effectively relieve back pain.

4. Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses have become very popular in Hong Kong in recent years. They are made from a mixture of different mattress materials, so they can combine the advantages of different high-quality materials to maximize the comfort of the mattress and cater to the needs of different people. For example, a hybrid mattress made of memory foam and independent pocket springs or continuous springs can not only provide the unique slow rebound advantages of memory foam, fit the body curve, but also exert the high support force of the spring to effectively support the body. It supports the body's pressure and is suitable for people with different sleeping positions and people with back pain.

Key point 4 when choosing the right mattress brand: Which mattress size is suitable for you?

In order to meet the needs of different people, most mattress brands in Hong Kong provide mattress options of different widths and lengths. So how do we choose the mattress size that suits us best? The ideal mattress length should be at least 10cm longer than the height, allowing enough room for the feet to stretch and place pillows. When choosing the width of the mattress, the length of the feet should be considered. When sleeping on the side, a wider space is needed. Sleep with your knees out.

Key point 5 when choosing the right mattress brand: What are the common mattress sizes in Hong Kong?

Common mattress sizes in Hong Kong

size Suitable for people foot cm
single bed Single user or child 3'0″ x 6’0″ 91 x 183cm
Extra large single bed Single users who want a larger sleeping space 3'6" x 6'0" 107x190cm
double bed Double – Room or Couple 4'0″ x 6’0″ 122x183cm
queen double bed Double – more spacious to reduce disturbance from sleeping partners turning over 5'0″ x 6’3″ 152x190cm
King double bed Double – can share a bed with pets or children; and tall couples 6'0″ x 6’3″ 183x190cm

Key point 6 when choosing the right mattress brand: Where are the better places to buy mattresses in Hong Kong?

How to buy mattress in Hong Kong Offline: Mattress store Online: Online shopping
advantage ・Experience different mattress functions in person ・The mattress consultant can provide instant answers and guidance on how to correctly try out the mattress ・The size of the mattress can be customized according to the size of the room ・Combined trials or custom-made other bedding products, including pillows and protective beds Pads, etc., usually combined purchases have a greater chance of discounts ・Collect and compare mattress features, reviews and prices online ・Operate 24 hours a day, usually with door-to-door delivery service, you can buy mattresses without leaving home ・Enjoy a trial period for mattresses, and you can choose to return them if you feel they are not suitable
shortcoming ・You need to go to a mattress store to try it out in person ・The trial time is limited, and you don’t have enough time to know whether the mattress is really suitable for you ・The comparison process is long ・Time is limited, and there are not many mattress choices to learn about ・Hard to get Know what other guests have said ・Unable to try it out in person, the mattress experience may not fully meet your needs ・Contact customer service mainly by phone or email, and cannot provide immediate help, and the waiting time may be longer

Whether you buy a mattress at a mattress specialty store or online, each has its own advantages. The Consumer Council recommends that before purchasing a mattress brand in Hong Kong, it is best to go to the store or display area to try it out in person to experience whether the mattress is suitable for you. If the mattress is too soft or Excessive exercise may lead to back pain and poor sleep quality.

We recommend that users first collect and compare the features, functions, prices and reviews of different mattress brands online, and then go to the store or display area to select their favorite mattress brand to try out in person. During the trial period, lie on the mattress in your usual sleeping position for about 10-15 minutes. Try various positions, including sleeping on your back, side, lying on your stomach or turning around several times. Pay attention to whether the mattress can provide fit, support and comfort to different parts of your body. A mattress that is too soft may cause back pain due to low support; on the contrary, a mattress that is too firm may cause low back pain. If you choose a double mattress, it is recommended to try it out with your partner to experience directly whether the vibration of the mattress will easily affect your partner when changing sleeping positions. If so, it means that the mattress's shock-absorbing and anti-disturbance properties are weak, and there is a chance of waking your partner when you turn over in bed.

Recommended mattress brands

Serta is a Hong Kong mattress brand, No. 1 in sales in the United States. It is designed with unique patented technology to bring users a comfortable and healthy sleep.

1. Healthy Spine Care Series

Serta The Spine Care Series combines latex and springs to provide strong support and comfort. It can fully fit your body shape and spine, effectively relieve back pain, protect spine health, and improve sleep quality. Suitable for people who sit for long periods of time or do physical work.

2. Urban series

The mattresses of the Serta Metropolis series combine high-tech technology with a "Z"-shaped Mira-Coil® continuous spring support system composed of a strip of refined high-manganese carbon steel to provide stable support. Effectively fits the human spine and reduces interference when turning over. Adding healthy latex provides excellent resilience to keep your spine straight, and the countless breathable hole structure brings you a refreshing and comfortable sleep. Coupled with skin-friendly knitted fabric, it enhances the antibacterial and mite-repelling effect, allowing you to have a comfortable sleep.

Serta is the number one selling mattress brand in the United States. It has been continuously innovating and improving existing bedding technology, striving to provide the most comfortable sleep for users with various needs and meet different needs. Serta has specialized stores, counters and distributors in Hong Kong, allowing you to easily bring high-quality products home. Make an appointment to experience Serta mattresses now!