Terms and Conditions

Terms of sale

  1. The products ordered by customers can be stored for free for 3 months starting from the delivery date. After that, each product will be charged a storage fee of HK$300 per month, and relevant fees must be paid before delivery. If the customer fails to pick up the product, If you arrange to pick up or receive the goods within 120 days of the goods notification period, the company has the right to confiscate the paid money and dispose of the product on its own.
  2. Once all orders are confirmed, Serta Store will not accept order modifications, returns, or refunds.
  3. It takes time to order a mattress. If delivery is delayed due to shipping delays, the delivery time will be arranged separately. Any delays caused by things beyond the control of Serta Store include natural disasters/government-imposed restrictions or any other industrial or Our company will not provide any compensation for trade disputes.
  4. Specially ordered items are not subject to refunds, returns or exchanges.
  5. When receiving the goods, please check the condition and quantity of the product before signing for it. If there are quality problems with the product, please notify the company within 3 working days.
  6. Newly made goods will have some special smell, and the smell will naturally dissipate after a period of time. Serta Store will not replace or return the goods due to this.
  7. Product dimensions are in centimeters. According to the guidelines of American National Standard, plus or minus 27CM is an acceptable size difference.
  8. In case of any dispute, AI Dream (HK) Ltd / Serta Store reserves the right of final decision.
  9. The Company reserves the right to modify, remove or change services and product prices without notice.

Delivery arrangements

1. Shipping service charges

  • The company provides delivery services to the New Territories of Kowloon, Hong Kong (excluding outlying islands). If delivery is to outlying islands, the company will only be responsible for delivering the goods to the designated terminal, and the shipping company entrusted by the customer will deliver the goods.
  • If you want to cancel or change the original delivery date, the customer must make the request no less than 1 working day and before 4:00 pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), otherwise the customer will need to pay an administrative fee of HK$500 .
  • When gale signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, our company will not provide delivery service on these days and the first working day after the signal is removed, and the delivery time will be arranged separately. When the black rainstorm warning signal comes into effect, our company will immediately suspend delivery services until the black rainstorm warning signal is removed.
  • For delivery services in Ma Wan/Tung Chung and Discovery Bay, customers need to pay a remote area surcharge:
  1. Tung Chung/Ma Wan HKD 150 (waived on Mondays)
  2. Discovery Bay HKD 350

2. Manual handling surcharge (no lift, but stairs can reach the floor)

If the goods cannot reach the destination directly and need to be transported by hand, additional fees will be charged as follows:

  • Stair fee: The first 5 steps are free
  • Regardless of size, mattresses are charged HKD 80 per piece per layer, with double charges starting from the 5th layer;
  • Bed frames are priced at HK$300 per set per floor, with double charges starting from the fifth floor.
  • (If the product cannot be transported into the elevator or up the stairs, it can only be delivered downstairs)
  • Electric bed frame (with outer frame)
  • Electric bed frames are priced at HK$600 per set per floor, with double charges starting from the 5th floor.
  • Pushing fee: Free for the first 50 meters, and HK$80 for every subsequent 50 meters.

3. Lifting surcharge (up to the 3rd floor): HK$300 per mattress per floor

4. Abandonment service charges: (excluding stairs/suspender charges)

  • Mattress – HK$200 per mattress regardless of size
  • Bed frame – HK$500 for single bed (width is calculated within 121CM)
  • HKD 700 for double bed (width is calculated based on 122CM or above)
  • Ordinary bunk bed HKD 800

*The price depends on the situation. Transportation department colleagues will confirm the fee with the customer before service

5. Replacement details

1. If the customer requires a change of size due to size reasons after receiving the goods, the shipping fee of HK$500 per trip must be paid in cash.

2. The goods must be in good condition, unused and unopened.

3. We do not accept returns of products that have been damaged due to human negligence after use or receipt.

6. Warranty service content

AI Dream (HK) Limited (hereinafter referred to as SERTA), according to the warranty terms. A limited warranty is provided for your Serta. product:

Serta mattresses come with a 10-year spring structure warranty:

1. The warranty period is calculated from the delivery date

2. When you need to enjoy the warranty service, you must present the warranty certificate or purchase receipt stub.

(Serta reserves the right to refuse to provide warranty services if relevant purchase records cannot be provided.)

Within the first year, if a Serta representative confirms that a problem is caused by a product error, Serta has the right to choose whether to replace the product free of charge. If the same model or material used to replace the problem is not available, Serta has the right to replace it with materials of equal quality or models of the same grade. .

If you apply for warranty service after one year of use, the customer will need to pay a replacement fee. The fee standard is as follows:

20% of the suggested retail price for the second year

30% of the suggested retail price in the third year

40% of suggested retail price in the 4th year

50% of suggested retail price in the 5th year

60% of the suggested retail price in the 6th year

70% of the recommended retail price for years 7-10

The above price does not include shipping and mattress disposal fees.

The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

a. Mattress and mattress covers are subject to natural wear and stains over time.

b. Improper use of the product: including man-made damage/excessive folding/buckling/long-term sitting or standing

c. Personal preferences such as mattress softness and comfort.

d. Damage to the mattress caused by using an inappropriate bed frame.

(Such as insufficient supporting capacity, too few or uneven surface rib bottom frame/grid)

e. The mattress is damaged by any external factors, such as exposure/moisture/bed bugs/dust mites, etc.

f. Damaged mattress handles

g. The mattress cotton layer is compressed, and the compression is less than 3.8cm (about 1.5 inches)

h. The maintenance scope does not include all transportation costs incurred by recycling and sending the product.

i. Products sold as display items.

j. Mattress and bed frame for use outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

k. Any situation involving medical or health problems (such as allergies, discomfort, back pain, etc.)

Serta bed frame

· There is no warranty on the storage bed frame

· Serta only provides a 6-month warranty (from the date of delivery) on the pneumatic rods equipped with hydro-pneumatic bed frames.

· Electric bed frame: External accessories such as electric lifting devices/remote controls are covered by a one-year warranty.

· The warranty does not include damage caused by improper use, natural wear and tear, modification, reorganization or accident, and the transportation costs of replacement parts.

7. Door-to-door inspection

During the warranty period, if customers report product problems to our company, our company will arrange on-site inspection services, and customers need to pay an inspection fee of HK$500 (free for the first time). Inspection fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the inspection. The company reserves the right to decide whether to repair or replace the mattress.

8. Maintenance Guide

Please register for warranty on Serta Hong Kong's official website https://sertastorehk.com/ after receiving the goods. Original copies of relevant documents must be retained during the warranty period.

The Company reserves the right to modify, remove or change services and product prices without notice.

If there is any dispute about the Chinese version of the above terms of sale, the Chinese version shall prevail.