Warranty terms

Aimeng (Hong Kong) Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "Serta"), according to the warranty terms, provides a 10-year limited warranty service for your Serta mattress.

The years of use below are calculated from the date of purchase.

the first year

If a product problem is confirmed by a Serta representative to be caused by a manufacturing error, Serta may choose to repair or replace the product free of charge.

If you apply for warranty service after two years of use and need to replace the defective goods, the customer will need to pay part of the fee**. The charging standards are as follows:

Within 2 years

20% of suggested retail price (RRP).

Within 3 years

30% of suggested retail price (RRP).

within 4 years

40% of suggested retail price (RRP).

within 5 years

50% fee of recommended retail price (RRP).

within 6 years

60% of suggested retail price (RRP).

Within 7 to 10 years

70% of suggested retail price (RRP).

**This fee is calculated based on Serta's recommended retail price (RRP) of the same model or same level of goods at that time when applying for warranty service.

Mattress rental service

The cost of mattress borrowing service is borne by the guest.

Supply of the same model and materials

If the same model or material in question cannot be replaced, Serta reserves the right to replace it with materials of equal quality or models of the same level.

How to apply for warranty service

Please return it to Serta within fourteen days from the delivery date along with copies of relevant documents.

Warranty services include:

・Loose or damaged springs or frames;

・Hong Kong region only

Warranty service does not include the following terms:

・Mattress cover (including any stains and scorch marks);

・Damage caused by improper use and/or handling;

・Indentation caused by body weight under normal use;

・Arrests: only for positioning and moving the mattress after it is placed, and cannot bear the weight of the mattress;

・Buckling of the frame caused by moving and folding the mattress;

・Individual preferences for mattresses (such as personal preferences for mattress softness, texture, material, appearance, smell, etc.);

・Products sold as "display goods";

・Any situation involving medical or health problems (such as allergies, discomfort, back pain, etc.);

・Any normal wear and tear (including body indentations, pilling, material oxidation, fading or hardness, etc.);

・Mattresses for use outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

*In case of any disputes, our company will reserve the right to make the final decision.