Sleep Info

If your current mattress is more than 10 years old, now is the time to replace it. Signs your mattress may be experiencing symptoms include:

. I have back pain and difficulty getting up when I get up.

. The mattress is showing signs of reaching the end of its life. (Such as: subsidence, massive bulges, severe stains, exposed internal materials, etc.)

. With existing mattresses, you and your sleeping partner may easily roll over together due to the dent in the mattress. The edges of the mattress no longer provide the support they should.

. The mattress you are using now is more than 7 to 10 years old.

Yes, during sleep, the sleeping posture will be affected by the pressure points on the body, which will also affect the support of the spine. Since each user's sleeping posture is different, the only solution is The method is to find the mattress that best suits your needs through actual test-laying, professional explanations and suggestions from sales staff, and then fully lying on various mattresses with different softness and hardness in the store.

This is a very worthwhile investment product. Think about the fact that a person must spend one-third of his life on a mattress. You only need to choose the mattress that suits you best within your budget, and you only need to spend 1/3 of your life on it. For just a few bucks, you can easily get a healthy, comfortable sleep.

The choice of softness and hardness is very personal, and there is no absolute between the two. Therefore, when purchasing a mattress, we recommend that you try out a variety of mattresses with different softness and hardness to find the best one through personal experience. A mattress that suits you. *If you are an elderly person, we do not recommend that you choose a mattress that is too thick and soft, because you will inevitably turn over when sleeping at night. A mattress that is too thick and soft will cause your waist or elbows to move. It takes more effort to find the key points of the mattress to turn or get up.

Most of them are people with bad spine or problems, so doctors will recommend them to sleep on a harder bed. This is because their spine may have already been deformed by scoliosis. Sleeping on a bed that is too soft and not supportive enough will make the deformation of the scoliosis more severe. In addition, if someone has spinal or lower back pain, they should first seek treatment from a professional doctor before choosing the right one. Soft or hard mattresses are not medical products and cannot replace medical treatment.

In today's mattress designs, the soft comfort layer adds a feeling of surface contact, but the support of the mattress mainly comes from the springs inside the mattress. Each Serta mattress uses an advanced and durable support spring system as the main structure, which can provide appropriate support strength to achieve the natural spine curve of the human body.