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Independent pocket spring:
The spring system is arranged according to the shape of the human spine. The springs in the 2/3 area are concentrated in the middle 1/3 area, providing even support and support, which can better fit the human spine and effectively reduce interference.

Soothing sponge:
The new and improved soft foam layer provides long-lasting support and is not easy to sag, providing long-lasting support for any sleeping position. The breathable structure brings you a refreshing and comfortable sleep all night long.

Soft quilted layer:
Reduces body stress and excessive turning over, giving you a more restful sleep.

Graphite memory foam:
Environmentally friendly, pollution-free, lightweight, good thermal conductivity, and slightly lower than human body temperature, the environment helps you sleep.

High quality knitted fabric:

Dry and breathable, it senses human body temperature and brings comfortable sleeping temperature to sleepers.

Healthy Latex:
Latex contains oak protein, which is natural, anti-mite, antibacterial and mite-odor-resistant; the surface layer provides excellent resilience and comfort, bringing you the freshest and dryest sleep.

Edge reinforcement system:
Strengthen the edge support, reduce the edge sagging of the mattress, and greatly increase the activity area of ​​the mattress.

Single-sided flip-free design:
There is no need to turn the mattress over regularly and it is easy to maintain.

Thickness: 28cm

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