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"Miaoerkou" interlocking spring support system:

Refined high-manganese carbon steel with a seamless "Z"-shaped continuous spring structure provides solid and uniform support. The entire spring is wound with only one high-purity steel wire.

It embodies high-tech technology and can better fit the human spine and effectively reduce interference.

Edge reinforcement system:

Strengthen the edge support, reduce the edge sagging of the mattress, and greatly increase the activity area of ​​the mattress.

Soft quilted layer:

Reduces body stress and excessive turning over, giving you a more restful sleep.

Healthy latex:
Latex contains oak protein, which is natural, anti-mite, antibacterial and mite-odor-resistant; the surface layer provides excellent resilience and comfort, bringing you the freshest and dryest sleep.

Natural wool:

A pollution-free and pure sleeping space

Soothing sponge:

The new and improved soft foam layer provides long-lasting support and is not easy to sag, providing long-lasting support for any sleeping position. The breathable structure brings you a refreshing and comfortable sleep all night long.

Skin-friendly knitted fabric:

Good breathability, wear resistance, heat resistance, hygienic

Double-sided sleeping design:

Depending on your preferences for softness and firmness, you can flip the mattress over to get two sleeping sensations.

Suitable for people of different weights, it can provide appropriate support whether sleeping on the side or on the side.

Thickness: 27cm

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