[Spring Mattress Recommendation 2024] How to choose the right mattress that suits you?

1/3 of life is spent sleeping, and you should sleep at least 8 hours a day. Long-term lack of sleep will make the body susceptible to chronic diseases, including headaches, forgetfulness, diabetes and cancer, so "sleep well" Very important for health.

A good mattress can allow you to have enough deep sleep, and wake up the next day with a feeling of "crossed legs"! This time, Serta introduces you to the most popular spring mattress materials and their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and compares them with other common mattress materials so that you can choose the mattress that suits you best!

Types of spring mattresses

Common mattress materials nowadays use springs to provide support for the mattress. The spring types on the market mainly include the following three types, each with different characteristics and functions, to fit the human body and spine curves and effectively support each part of the body. parts, including the muscles of the back, waist and feet, allowing users to enjoy a healthy and comfortable sleep at night.

Types of spring mattresses Features and functions
​​Brushed interlocking spring mattress (Lastiss) It is woven from a high-purity steel wire from the head to the foot of the bed, consistent with the sleeping direction of the human body and conforms to the curves of the human body. Since all springs are surrounded by a steel wire, the anti-shock effect is relatively weak. When one area is pressurized, nearby areas of the spring mattress will vibrate.
Independent pocket spring mattress (Pocket Spring) It is individually packaged by a cylindrical spring. The steel wire is smaller, has higher elasticity and stronger supporting force. Since each spring is packaged independently and is not connected together, it is stressed independently and does not interfere with each other, so the shockproof effect will be better.
Hybrid spring mattress The most popular mattresses at present are hybrid spring mattresses, which mostly use interlocking springs or independent pocket springs as the basic structure, and then add other soft materials, such as natural latex, memory foam, etc. to the surface layer. This design can not only retain the supporting force of the spring, but also take advantage of the softness and comfort of the surface material, allowing users to enjoy high-quality sleep with a rich sleeping feel in a mattress.

Comparison of spring mattresses and common mattresses

Comparison of common mattress materials spring mattress memory foam mattress Hybrid spring mattress
characteristic Can increase mattress hardness and durability, making it less likely to collapse Curve and slow rebound according to body weight Mixed use of a variety of materials, divided into support layer, comfort layer, surface layer, etc.
advantage Strong supporting capacity and strong protection for the spine Fits human body curves and provides high comfort Combining the advantages of various materials, the characteristics of the materials can complement each other.
shortcoming Non-independent pocket spring mattresses cannot isolate the interference of sleeping partners' movements Full memory foam mattresses may have insufficient support Less, depending on mattress material and combination

Spring mattress recommendations, which one is more suitable for you?

Various Serta mattresses use springs as the underlying structure to provide high-quality, stable support for different areas of the body, while allowing your spine to maintain a good and healthy posture during sleep. The mattress top layer is also equipped with natural breathable gel memory foam, which helps the body maintain a constant temperature during sleep, allowing you to have an extremely deep sleep experience. 1.

1. Black Diamond Series Spring Mattress

The Serta Black Diamond series spring mattress uses Dürr's second-generation independent pocket spring system, which not only has high bearing capacity, but the spring steel wire can remain under pressure for a long time without deforming. Independent pocket springs also make the mattress more ventilated. At the same time, the pressure of the springs will not interfere with each other. Even if the person next to the pillow turns over or gets up, the power will not be transmitted to the other side of the mattress. Therefore, it is highly recommended to purchase a double mattress. person.

2. Perfect series spring mattress

The Serta Perfect Series spring mattress uses the innovative five-zone Mira-Coil® continuous spring support system. The springs are made of refined high-manganese carbon steel, which can provide solid and even support for the spine. The five-zone design is also ergonomic. The springs in the five zones of the mattress have different supporting capacities. The springs in the waist and thigh areas are harder and can better support the weight of different body parts, effectively protecting the spine and improving back pain caused by lack of support. .


The above mattress introduction can be applied to general situations, but since everyone's body shape and sleeping style are unique, you still need to experience and feel it yourself to choose the mattress that suits you! You can also refer to [Guide to Buying a Mattress in Hong Kong] How to choose a mattress brand that suits you | Recommended mattress brands to learn how to choose a mattress and be a smart consumer!

Recommended Serta Spring Mattress – Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose Serta spring mattress?

Serta uses unique Mira-Coil® continuous spring support system technology, which can evenly release body pressure and has higher support and durability than other spring mattresses on the market. Our spring mattresses also use central area encryption and longitudinal distribution, which conforms to ergonomics and sleeping direction to create a comfortable sleep for you.

Does Serta offer mattress trial services?

Serta has specialized stores, counters and distributors in Hong Kong, all of which have products for you to touch and feel the materials. If you want to try out a bed mattress, you are welcome to make an appointment to experience it . Our mattress consultants will help you choose the mattress that best suits you.

How long do Serta spring mattresses last?

With proper care and use , our spring mattresses have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. Serta also provides a 10-year limited warranty service for mattresses after sales. The service scope includes repairing loose or damaged springs or frames. For details, please refer to the warranty terms .

The more springs in a spring mattress, the better?

Spring mattresses rely on springs to increase their supporting capacity. It can be said that the more springs, the higher the supporting capacity of the mattress, but it will also make the mattress harder. Therefore, more springs does not directly mean a better quality mattress. Everyone has different requirements for mattress firmness and support. There is no "best" mattress that is suitable for everyone. We suggest that when purchasing a mattress, you should not just look at the data. Instead, you should personally experience a variety of mattresses and make comparisons to find the mattress that suits you best.