Galaxy (星夢) - Serta Store
Galaxy (星夢) - Serta Store
Galaxy (星夢) - Serta Store
Galaxy (星夢) - Serta Store
Galaxy (星夢) - Serta Store
Galaxy (星夢) - Serta Store
Galaxy (星夢) - Serta Store

Galaxy (星梦)

Galaxy (星梦)

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You're not just looking for a mattress; you're looking for a level of comfort you've never experienced before.
The iComfort smart series, Serta's flagship gel memory foam mattress, uses innovative TempActiv® temperature-sensing technology to once again create a new definition of perfect sleep.
While providing sufficient support, it also enhances the cooling feeling during sleep.

Triple micro-induction spring:
The original three-way free-stretch spring can be individually fine-tuned to sense expansion and contraction, and can follow the lines of the human body.

It easily fits all parts of the body and minimizes sleep disturbance, providing perfect support for the ultimate comfort.

Thermostatic gel memory foam:
Space memory foam is added with cold gel particles to effectively and gently relieve tight muscles and achieve a better sleeping temperature.

Constant temperature comfort quilted layer:

Advanced ComfortQuilt® structural technology promotes the free circulation of air in the concave and convex structure. It has 42% more heat dissipation capacity than traditional memory foam mattresses, effectively reducing the feeling of stuffiness and providing a more comfortable sleeping temperature.

High elastic support sponge:

The unique high-density support foam has excellent elasticity, comfortable fit, and is durable and not easy to collapse.

Omnidirectional comfort edge support:
High-density foam is used as the overall bed edge protection. The wide and thick structure can strengthen the support of the bed edge, expand the mattress usage area, provide more sleeping space, and greatly reduce the problem of bed edge tilt and dent.

Antibacterial and mite-resistant knitted fabric:

Skin-friendly knitted fabric, antibacterial and mite resistant, good breathability, wear-resistant and hygienic.

Comfortable pressure relief layer design:
Promote air circulation in the structure, effectively reduce the feeling of stuffiness, release body pressure, and provide a more comfortable sleeping temperature.

Single-sided flip-free design:
There is no need to turn the mattress over regularly, making it easy to maintain.

*Can be used with Serta electric base bed

Thickness: 29cm

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