Joy (喜悅) - Serta Store
Joy (喜悅) - Serta Store
Joy (喜悅) - Serta Store
Joy (喜悅) - Serta Store
Joy (喜悅) - Serta Store
Joy (喜悅) - Serta Store
Joy (喜悅) - Serta Store



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Serta Junior Collection Youth Series is based on the three stages of adolescent children's spinal growth and the characteristics of the stages of sleep every night, comprehensively caring for the development and growth needs of adolescents, and providing comprehensive protection and companionship of healthy spine-protecting mattresses.
Serta children's mattress protects children's quality sleep and accompanies the growth of teenagers

Bonnier spring:
Bonnier springs have extremely strong elasticity, excellent vertical support performance and are not easy to collapse. They are especially suitable for those who are looking for extra strong support.

Soothing sponge:
The new and improved soft foam layer provides long-lasting support and is not easy to sag, providing long-lasting support for any sleeping position. The breathable structure brings you a refreshing and comfortable sleep all night long.

Edge reinforcement system:
Strengthen the edge support, reduce the edge sagging of the mattress, and greatly increase the activity area of ​​the mattress.

Healthy Latex:

Latex contains oak protein, which is natural, anti-mite, antibacterial and mite-odor-resistant; the surface layer provides excellent resilience and comfort, bringing you the freshest and dryest sleep.

Splash-resistant fabric:
Latex contains oak protein, which prevents children from accidentally getting wet and penetrating into children's mattresses while sleeping.

Single-sided flip-free design:
There is no need to turn the mattress over regularly and it is easy to maintain.

Thickness: 15cm

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