Odyssey (奧德斯) - Serta Store
Odyssey (奧德斯) - Serta Store
Odyssey (奧德斯) - Serta Store
Odyssey (奧德斯) - Serta Store



New Zealand mattress delivery time is approximately 120 days
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Serta's three core technologies, coupled with top-notch natural and environmentally friendly materials and craftsmanship from New Zealand, are our most exclusive mattresses, the Premium Black Collection.

Carbon atom energy cotton comfort layer:

The fusion of carbon atoms and graphene, using CO2 environmentally friendly foaming process, makes the sponge have fine and uniform pores

Good thermal conductivity quickly releases the heat emitted by the body during sleep

Thermostatic knitted fabric:
Dry and breathable, it regulates human body temperature and
brings comfortable sleeping temperature to sleepers.

Wool and Silk:
The perfect combination of pure New Zealand wool and lustrous natural silk fibers to maintain a balanced body temperature during sleep

FusionGel+ Dream Gel Sponge:

The gel factor is injected into the Dream Sponge, and according to the different pressure points of various parts of the human body, it quickly concentrates on the head, shoulders, buttocks and other parts that are under greater pressure, providing the most balanced support.

The gel's ability to dissipate heat also balances temperature.


Dürr second generation independent pocket spring:
The spring system is arranged according to the shape of the human spine. The springs in the 2/3 area are concentrated in the middle 1/3 area, providing even support and support, which can better fit the human spine and effectively reduce interference.

The independent pocket springs also make the mattress more ventilated. At the same time, the pressure of the springs will not interfere with each other. Even if the person next to the pillow turns over or gets up, the power will not be transmitted to the other side of the mattress.

Spring steel wire can be compressed for a long time without deformation.

Edge reinforcement system:
Strengthen the edge support, reduce the edge sagging of the mattress, and greatly increase the activity area of ​​the mattress.

Single-sided flip-free design

There is no need to turn the mattress over regularly, making it easy to maintain.

* Thermostatic layer technology : FusionGel+ dream gel foam, carbon atom energy foam, Adaptive temperature-sensing technology fabric; ensure a dry and cool sleep feeling.

* Aerobic breathable technology : It can help discharge the moisture and heat emitted by the human body during sleep, keep the air in the mattress dry, mildew-proof and moisture-proof, providing you with a healthy, environmentally friendly, aerobic sleeping environment.

Thickness: 32cm

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